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Wallace Lo


“Our mission is to enhance the wine drinking culture in the local market by providing professional consultancy and training to restaurants. We are here to revamp their wine programs or even help them develop their start-ups. We plant the seed of quality wine service by turning their staff into what we call “nomad Somms.” With all these “nomad Somms,” restaurants can bring the full enjoyment of wine drinking to the end customers by sharing the knowledge. There is plenty of room to explore, the sky is the limit.” – Wallace Lo


In a young age, Wallace was already obsessed with the food and beverage industry; and he enjoyed cooking a lot. When he studied in the catering school in Hong Kong, he was assigned to be an intern in both the kitchen and the service operation; and he found both parts really interesting. He owes his love particularly for wine and beverage to the inspiration from his first few jobs working at restaurants. To him, the most amazing thing about wine is that, from the one and only ingredient of grape, so many different flavors and tasting notes can be possible. Very soon after he started his sommelier career in The French Window, Wallace finished the WSET Level 3. At the age of 21, he already became active in sommelier competitions.


Over the past decade, Wallace has worked as a group beverage manager or an operation manager for various F&B groups and renowned restaurants, including Hotel ICON, Alke Management (HAKU), The Park Lane Hotel, a Pullman Hotel, Octavium, and the INTERVAL group. He specializes in tailoring beverage programs based on specific themes and project ideas. He also introduced the innovative idea of the 4-hand sommelier dinner or event in Hong Kong, engaging some of the best sommeliers in the world, such as Reeze Choi from Hong Kong and Kei Tashiro from Osaka. In September 2021, Wallace decided to join The Somm’s Philosophy as a co-owner of the company, realizing a dream project that he and Reeze have talked about for years.


2015 saw one of the biggest achievements in Wallace’s sommelier life. He won the 1st runner-up of the A.S.I. Best Sommelier of Asia & Oceania. He was the first Hong Kong sommelier to be prized on the international stage. And in 2016, he took part in the A.S.I. Best Sommelier of the World Competition in Mendoza representing Hong Kong and China, and was ranked the 23rd, being one of the first Hong Kong sommeliers to receive a ranking at the renowned competition. As one of the youngest participants in the regional competitions, at the age of 23, Wallace already achieved the 1st runner-up of The Best Sommelier of Greater China 2012. He also won the Champion of The Best Sommelier of Greater China 2013 and the 2nd runner-up of The Best Sommelier of Greater China 2014. Besides his achievements in competitions, Wallace was also certified with Advance Sommelier by Court of Master Sommelier in 2019.